ALK continues their growth journey in DTU Science Park in new and larger premises

ALK has become a global and vital player, delivering groundbreaking research, medicine, and solutions to many of the population suffering from allergies.

Do you suffer from allergies?

Then you have most likely also come across ALK, who has done both research and medicine for treating allergies.

For several decades, ALK has been a part of DTU Science Park, which has offered quite a growth journey. And the growth journey is far from over.

It all started with goose feathers

In June next year, it will be 100 years since the company was founded when the first pharmaceutically manufactured allergen extract was registered. At that time, the product was developed to treat allergic reactions to goose feathers, which turned out to be dust mite allergy.

Today, ALK has become a global and vital player, delivering groundbreaking research, medicine, and solutions to many of the population suffering from allergies.

Anne Schwartz, who is Senior Vice President, Product Supply Site DK at ALK, explains that the current focus is to reach even more markets and age groups so that more allergy sufferers can benefit from ALK’s products.

With that mission, there is also a need for more space. And they are getting more space. ALK will now lease the impressive premises of the former Søhuset Conference Center.

“Having the opportunity to grow into Søhuset is absolutely fantastic for us,” she says. “It allows us to continue our growth journey in one unified entity.”

We have grown in and out of facilities

ALK was a small company when they moved to DTU Science Park in the 1980s. Already then, ALK expected a more significant growth journey ahead. Therefore, there needed to be the possibility to expand and develop the company, as was available on DTU Science Park’s premises.

“DTU Science Park has been a helping hand through the various phases of our company’s life cycle,” says Anne Schwartz. “They have always provided facilities that we could grow into and out of – and we are experiencing that again now as we can take over Søhuset’s premises.”

But it’s not just the scaling opportunities in DTU Science Park that make ALK want to stay.

The unique spirit of the research park

DTU Science Park is a beautiful area. But it’s more than that, according to Anne Schwartz.

“There is a special spirit in the area,” she says. “In DTU Science Park, a tremendous amount of knowledge and information is developed through the strong community.”

She mentions, among other things, the annual Sports Festival in DTU Science Park, where she has several times experienced meeting new and exciting acquaintances – even when standing on the sidelines watching a soccer game.

ALK has over the years benefited greatly from the community by entering into exciting and meaningful cooperation agreements with a large number of neighboring companies in DTU Science Park.

“And then these surroundings,” she says, concluding: “It’s incredibly beautiful here, so the many walk-and-talk trails are fantastic.”


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