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Former participant in the GreenUP Accelerator ensures solar energy for DTU Science Park

The climate tech startup, The 0-Mission, became part of DTU Science Park’s growth program, GreenUP Accelerator, in 2023. From 2024, they match the electricity consumption of the companies in DTU Science Park with the production of electricity from a solar park in Vejle.
The 0-Mission deltog i GreenUP Accelerator 2023

The 0-Mission joined the GreenUP Accelerator to gain insights into organizational structure, IT development, sales, and marketing. Throughout the program, they received assistance in growing their business to work towards their vision of enabling all companies that want to make a difference to contribute meaningfully to the green transition. However, like any other startup, The 0-Mission has faced challenges with starting up and scaling. Therefore, the founders, Thomas Granhof and Anna Riis Hedegaard, were pleased to have been recommended the GreenUP program by former participants.

We were not disappointed when we started the GreenUP program. It has been a huge help for us to discuss some of the issues we face with experts in all areas. At the same time, we have gained a valuable network with other mission-driven startups, who are ready with either a high-five or a pat on the back – depending on the situation.

Thomas Granhof
Founder and CSO, The 0-Mission

What is the GreenUP Accelerator?

GreenUP is a unique growth program for climate tech startups working on CO2 reduction, which DTU Science Park operates with support from the Industry Foundation. Through the program, startups receive tailored courses that precisely match the challenges they face, and in just 20 months, companies can go from startup to scale-up.

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Now, The 0-Mission has partnered with DTU Science Park, which means that DTU Science Park in Hørsholm matches its electricity consumption with solar energy production from a solar park in Vejle. The park is 100 % privately financed and managed to increase biodiversity in the area.

It is a big step for Anna and Thomas:

“The trust DTU Science Park shows us is invaluable. We were already happy to have been selected to participate in the GreenUP Accelerator. However, being able to match DTU Science Park’s electricity consumption 1:1 with production from a solar park is beyond our expectations,” Thomas explains.

How can companies in DTU Science Park get electricity from a solar park?

You cannot control the color of the electricity in the outlets yourself. Still, you can contribute to adding more green electricity to our collective power grid so the overall energy mix becomes greener. DTU Science Park has chosen to do this through a partnership with The 0-Mission. Through the partnership, DTU Science Park in Hørsholm matches the companies’ electricity consumption with solar power production from a park in Vandel near Vejle.

The park is 100% privately financed and managed to increase biodiversity and protect vulnerable groundwater reserves.

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