The eyes of swimmers and coaches in the water

Lyngby Swimming Club, in collaboration with two product developers from DTU, has taken the latest technology into use to follow the swimmers underwater. SwimCam, who works daily in Future Box, which is part of DTU Science Park, has helped the swimmers with clever training.

In the autumn, the company behind the underwater camera SwimCam and Lyngby Swimming Club began a collaboration where SwimCam is tested by the club’s best swimmers and coaches.

The club’s elite coach, Mikkel Bruun, who coaches the club’s first team, has an ongoing dialogue with the two founders of SwinCam about how he and the swimmers experience and use the camera and how it supports the club’s training philosophy. All input, which is used in the further development of the product.

“At Lyngby Swimming Club, we believe that you have to have your head with you if you are to become really good at swimming. Hard work and clever physical training are among the main ingredients that must go up in a higher unit when the swimmers have to develop from children to adult athletes “, says elite trainer Mikkel Bruun.

Usually, the coach’s otherwise sharp eyes are limited by the fact that the propulsion is created under water, and it can be difficult to see clearly what is happening.

“SwimCam solves that problem for us. It makes a huge difference for the swimmers to get direct feedback on their own movements. We want swimmers who, during their time as competitive swimmers, learn to be outreach in their own development and take responsibility for e.g. their technique, and here SwimCam will play an important role ”, emphasizes Mikkel Bruun.

The plan is for all teams in Lyngby Swimming Club’s competition department to make use of the camera during their training, so that the swimmers get used to seeing themselves underwater.

In January, the founders, Thomas Terney and Anders Sandfuss, won the Danish Tech Challenge 2020 for SwimCam and thus DKK 500,000. On a daily basis, they work in Future Box, which is part of DTU Science Park.