04 May 2021

Cycle Superhighway for employees and companies in DTU Science Park – Hørsholm 

Safe bike path through Rude forest 

Rudersdal Municipality is ready with a plan for the construction of a safe bike path through Rude forest. Once this path is established, the road is paved for a bicycle superhighway all the way from Holte to Helsingør. 

The road along Hørsholm Kongevej through Rude forests is not safe for cyclists at the moment, which prevents many employees in DTU Science Park from taking the bike to work and that is a real shame. If we could get more people to choose the bike over the car, it would give significant benefits for the environment. Not just that but taking the bike to and from work is good daily exercise. It results in significantly fewer sick days, reduces stress, and gets you in a better mood. 

The government has allocated DKK 195 million to the construction of new cycle superhighways in Denmark, and Rudersdal Municipality is ready with an application. However, in order to increase the chances of success, a lot of good arguments and support is needed. The municipality has done all the preparatory work. All plans and permits have been drawn and obtained, and even Hørsholm Municipality supports the proposal. Now we as companies must also take responsibility! 

What can we do? 

  1. We can show our support for the project by signing this petition. 
  2. We can ride our bikes. The timing is perfect. The month of May and BIKES TO WORK are right around the corner. If we join the campaign, politicians and other important people will see for themselves how good it can be for public health and the environment in the North Zealand region. 

Sign up your company and employees to BIKE TO WORK.
You can read more, sign up yourself and your colleagues easily at vcta.dk. You are also welcome to contact Sofia Pitt Boserup, communications officer at Gubra at [email protected] and get great tips on how easy it is to get started. 

Read more on how Gubra supports BIKE TO WORK here. 



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