22 December 2020

Dall Energy is opening a biomass plant in France

Due to coal and natural gas being replaced with e.g. biomass, Jens Dall CEO of Dall Energy, believes that there are three crucial reasons why Dalkia chose them.

Firstly, the plant of Dall Energy is environmentally friendly. It does not require the installation of dust filtration, which otherwise must be installed by strict legal requirements. Secondly, their innovative technology is able to handle biomass, which is a process that can be hard to handle with traditional technologies. And thirdly, Dall Energy’s plant can significantly regulate loads in the summer, when the heat demand is minimal.

The Danish company, located in DTU Science Park, is behind a multi-fuel stove, that through a two-part process, converts organic material such as garden waste for heat energy in a very environmentally friendly way compared to other incinerators on the market.

The French conversion to e.g. biomass is supported by the French authorities. The  French authorities requires the biomass to be climate-friendly, meaning that the biomass has to be local and sustainable.

Karen-Luise Johansen Geslin, who is a senior export consultant at the Danish embassy in Paris, says:

“We see real political support for the green transition, not least driven by problems with strong air pollution in several of the French metropolises and thus also a rapidly growing market for solutions to promote green mobility, as well as for advisers with specific expertise in transport and planning”

The conversion process that France is undergoing at the moment, matches the strategy that Dall Energy has used on the plants already built-in Denmark.

Jens Dall tells Energiwatch: “It has been crucial and a requirement of the French authorities that the energy source must be locally sustainable biomass. Therefore, the heat will come from local surplus wood and green garden waste.”

The new plant is located in Rouen, close to Paris.

Source: Energiwatch

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