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Information about Coronavirus

4 January 2021

Denmark is still experiencing increasing numbers of new coronavirus cases. In DTU Science Park, we follow the development closely and are taking the recommendations from the government and the authorities seriously to ensure a safe and secure environment for our companies, their customers, and guests.

For more information about our precautions read here.

agern-alle-5a in DTU Science Park

Rent an office in Denmark’s leading deep tech-community

Move into our refurbished multi-user house of 6,000 m2 at Agern Allé 5A in Hørsholm.
Become part of Denmark’s leading deep tech-community together with 290 Danish and international companies.

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Companies that believe DTU Science Park contributes positively to their development %

Million kroner funding raised in 2019 by DTU Science Park companies +

Companies that have launched new products, services or concepts %

Deep Tech Insights 2019

In 2019 the companies in DTU Science Park have raised a total of DKK 600 million, which is an increase of DKK 200 million since 2018. 72 % of the companies have launched new products, services and concepts. And 77 % believe it makes a difference to their development, to be part of DTU Science park.

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In our opinion DTU Science Park is a community that you don't find often. It was a unique opportunity for us to place DFM in a location where we are in close contact with other high technological companies on a daily basis.

Michael Kjær, CEO

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