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A robust regulatory strategy

Doing it right from the start saves time and money on regulatory work. Our experts guide you in every detail about everything you need to know about the applicable laws and regulations for your medical product. After the program, you have a regulatory strategy that takes your business one step closer to medical approval, be it MDR or FDA, and makes it investable.

Exposure and access to investors

During MedTech Growth, you'll receive exposure and access to investors with experience and interest in medtech solutions. In collaboration with our investment manager, you'll also develop a funding strategy.

Become part of a cohesive community

Create new and invaluable connections with like-minded entrepreneurs. As a participant, you become part of Denmark's leading development environment in deep tech, where new and exciting collaboration opportunities emerge.

About MedTech Growth - your starting point for success

MedTech Growth is Denmark’s new development program for startups working with physical medtech solutions. Our goal is simple: to help medtech startups establish a solid business foundation so they can enter the market faster. 

Participation is free thanks to our collaboration with Industriens Fond. 

Key dates in MedTech Growth

May 21: Final deadline

June 17: Initial bootcamp

September: Start of the first sprint

June 2025: Big celebration

How do I apply?

It only takes a few minutes to apply to MedTech Growth. Simply fill in the fields in the form below. To expedite your application process, you need to have clarity on:
  • The problem your company aims to solve – make it quantifiable
  • The product addressing the problem – ensuring coherence between pain points and your solution, which creates quantifiable value
  • Competitors in the market along with market analysis (e.g., trends, target audience, etc.) and articulate your competitive advantage in one line
  • Business model – who pays for your product, revenue streams, pricing, cost structure, potential partners, and key metrics (e.g., margins, CLV, CAC, etc.)
  • Go-to-market strategy – how you effectively enter the market
  • Objectives and achieved milestones (product, customer contacts, revenue, funding, and team)
  • What three needs does your startup have right now to progress?

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