13 June 2024

Accelerate your hardware startup with Danish Tech Challenge 2024!

Drones, underwater cameras, equipment for nuclear cancer diagnostics, urinals for women, autonomous robots, new materials for the construction industry—yes, the list is long. These are just some technologies that can be or have been part of Danish Tech Challenge. This year is the 11th time that Danish Tech Challenge runs, and applications have just opened.

When Danish Tech Challenge started in 2014, the program was the only one of its kind. To some extent, it still is, but it has also been adjusted. The focus of the program today has now been sharpened.

When we started Danish Tech Challenge more than ten years ago, the Danish startup ecosystem was focused on the development of software startups and software accelerators. We wanted to create a hardware-focused accelerator, and we believe we have created a strong program and developed it over the past decade. In the beginning, the program was more generalized, but we have developed it to be more tailored to each startup and its challenges

Steen Donner
CEO, DTU Science Park

How DTU Science Park tailors the program to each startup is through valuable 1:1 meetings. Here, startups meet with selected experts in various relevant topics. These meetings lay the foundation for delving into each startup’s challenges while assessing each discipline’s relevance. Some startups may have a solid grasp of their business model but need more experience in the supply chain. Others may have an almost finished prototype, while others need a bit more to have a product. All of this is clarified during the 1:1 meetings, where a plan will also be developed for achieving the success criteria in each of the ten disciplines.

There is something to look forward to as a participant in Danish Tech Challenge.

Over the past ten seasons, a lot has been achieved. 10% of the participating companies are now worth more than 100,000,000 DKK. They have increased their employees by 18% annually, and 81% of the companies are still active. Additionally, many startups report back on the value of the community and the sense of community created over the five months. The value of being able to mirror oneself and spar with like-minded founders who have all experienced problems such as delivery times for components for their prototype or have felt the relief when investors finally sign the contract. Everything in between also has an invaluable strength – that’s the kind of support startups get in Danish Tech Challenge.


You can apply to be part of Denmark's leading hardware accelerator.

The application to join Danish Tech Challenge 2024 is open. The program takes place at DTU Science Park, Lyngby, from October 2024 to February 2025. In March 2025, five to six finalists will advance to the final and pitch their business ideas at an award show. An external jury will select the winner, who will receive a prize of 500,000 DKK sponsored by Jyske Bank. Over the five months, 15 hardware startups will undergo ten disciplines that are fundamental for startups to grow and enter the market. Here, they are helped, advised, and challenged to develop their business as best as possible. There are a few requirements for startups. However, there is one we do not compromise on. Startups participating in Danish Tech Challenge must work with physical products.