Corporate partners

Collaborate with innovative startups and become a part of their growth journey as they develop the technologies of the future

Join a leading startup environment as a corporate partner in DTU Science Park

As a corporate partner in DTU Science Park, you gain an in-depth understanding of how the country’s leading deep tech environment is evolving. You also have the opportunity to collaborate with the most exciting and innovative deep tech startups in the country.

Here, you can expand your industry knowledge, explore business opportunities, and stay informed about the latest technology trends.

You become a part of our exclusive network of industry experts, providing essential support to our startups. At the same time, you can follow their development from an early stage and contribute to the growth of your own company.

As a corporate partner, you also receive promotion and branding opportunities for your company as an expert.

Corporate partner collaborations

We offer various collaboration agreements between corporates and startups that you can participate in.

What you get: Expert Partner Industry Partner

Lead sourcing

Access to future tech startups and potential investment cases

Tech scouting

Access to future tech startups and potential investment opportunities

Trend insight

Insights into future technologies and trends directly from startups

Network and industry insights

Participation in ecosystem events such as Demo days, Open House, Award dinners, and partner dinners


Visibility on the website, social media, PR, and in the growth space

Employeer retention

Employee retention through engaging interaction with startups

Access to insights from DTU

Co-branding with the DTU ecosystem and access to the latest research

Meet our partners

EIFO (formerly known as Vækstfonden)

EIFO is a government investment fund that assists companies in DTU Science Park in accessing investments and the necessary capital to develop their businesses.

Jyske Bank

Jyske Bank is one of the country’s largest banks and exposes our startups to private banking customers ready to invest in deep tech solutions.


AWA assists your company with patent applications and licenses. AWA is a leader in intellectual property and is familiar with all the processes involved when you need to patent your product.

Force Technology

FORCE Technology is a consulting firm working to create sustainable and secure technology solutions. They can assist you with guidance and advice.


KPMG specializes in tax, auditing, and advisory services. They have a network of consulting firms globally and can assist you with the financial aspects of your business.

Bach Law

BACH Law has strong expertise in finance, security, human resources, and various other areas. They are passionate about innovative ideas and entrepreneurship and can assist you with legal matters.

PLM _ logo_ 600x245

PLM Group

PLM Group is the largest distributor of SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE in the Nordic region. They provide startups in DTU Science Park with free access to the entire SOLIDWORKS platform as well as innovative solutions through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


Atlab provides tailor-made HR and CFO services for companies of all sizes. They serve as a flexible partner, offering comprehensive support within HR and finance, effectively filling gaps in a scalable and cost-effective model. Atlab ensures your vision is executed with precision through interim services, projects, and outsourcing.


Gate2Growth focuses on assisting startups to scale their businesses. They offer consultancy, networking opportunities, and access to capital, enabling new companies to grow and realise their potential.

HP Elektronik Montage

HP Elektronik Montage provides tailored electronic solutions for the industry. With their skilled team, they ensure high quality in both design and production, making them a reliable partner for companies with complex electronic needs.

Are you interested in becoming a Corporate Partner in our startup programs?

Please fill out the contact form, and let’s meet over coffee to get to know each other better.

Steffen Reinhardt

Strategic Partnership Lead

Contact us and let's have a talk

Are you interested in becoming a Corporate Partner in our startup programs?

Fill out the contact form so we can meet over a cup of coffee and learn more about each other.

Steffen Reinhardt

Strategic Partnership Lead

Contact us and let's have a chat