15 November 2019

Crown Prince Frederik got entrepreneurial dreams in Futurebox

It is easy to get inspired to start your own business when you step inside Futurebox. The raw container space contains so many smart inventions and entrepreneurs whose energy and driving force spread like chickenpox.

Just ask the Crown Prince.

After a tour of the box with stops along the way to Measurelet’s technological toilet, in the prototype workshop with Optoceutics’ light therapy technology and in the lounge where Læsø Zostera  has installed eelgrass to improve the acoustics, today’s guest of honor exclaimed at lunch, that if he was only 20 years younger, he would also jump out as an entrepreneur.

A finals preview

H.R.H. The Crown Prince also managed to sneak in on a 1:1 meeting with the boys from SUND FORLUFT, who have developed a device that visualizes the quality of the indoor climate and tells when to vent. Here was a final refinement of the slide deck to be sent to the jury, before selection for Danish Tech Challenge semifinals.

The Crown Prince acknowledged with a yellow smiley, which means that Kristoffer and Valdemar still have some work ahead of them, if they are to participate in the grand finale in January, where the winner of Danish Tech Challenge is announced.

It is the Crown Prince who, just like last year, exclaims the winner and hands over the Industry Fund’s Entrepreneurship prize of DKK 500,000 to the DTC Award show, which is held at The Plant at Amager.

And if, in the meantime, he should have come up with a good business idea, he must remember what Camilla Gilbro, who is responsible for the Danish Tech Challenge, replied to the Crown Prince at lunch:

“In fact, it is usually founders who are over the age of 45 that performs the best. So, it is never too late to become an entrepreneur.”

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