20 December 2023

Danish Tech Challenge 2023: The Finalists are Ready!

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and it can only be true when it’s already been four months since the tenth season of Danish Tech Challenge began. In September 2023, 19 selected hardware startups embarked on their journey in Danish Tech Challenge, and they have now undergone a 360-degree check of their businesses. Now, we can reveal the six finalists who will compete to win the Industry Foundation Entrepreneurship Award and a cash prize of DKK 500,000.

For ten years, DTU Science Park, with support from the Industry Foundation, has run the growth program Danish Tech Challenge. In Danish Tech Challenge, a prerequisite for companies is that their solution involves hardware. This requirement has led the companies that have undergone the four-month growth program to work with technologies in deep tech, med tech, pet tech, sports tech, and almost everything in between. Steen Donner, CEO of DTU Science Park, says:  

“When we started Danish Tech Challenge more than ten years ago, the Danish startup ecosystem focused on developing software startups and accelerators. We wanted to create a hardware-focused accelerator, and we believe that we have created a strong program and developed it over the past decade. Initially, the program was more generalized, but we have managed to transform it into a new form that has become more individualized and tailored to each startup and its challenges.”  

Not just fun and games...

The four months have not only passed fast because it has been fun. It is also hard work to be part of Danish Tech Challenge. Throughout the program, companies must work on all aspects of building a business. These aspects have been condensed into 12 disciplines:  

  • Legal & Accounting  
  • IP Rights  
  • Branding & Marketing  
  • Product Development    
  • Sales  
  • Ownership & Financing  
  • Organization & Team  
  • Market & Customers  
  • Business Model  
  • Product Market Fit  
  • Supply Chain  
  • Sustainability  

Each discipline has associated experts who help, advise, and challenge the participating hardware startups to develop their businesses as best as possible. And it’s about being effective from the beginning. All 12 disciplines must be passed to reach the final. Program Manager Kristine Sylvest Brinks says:  

“Becoming a finalist requires full focus on moving and developing. As these are four hectic months, planning and structure are crucial for whether you succeed and ‘flip green’ in all disciplines. When a team is under pressure, it also means that the various teams internally get to know each other better, so there are certainly some strong teams in the final.”  

Read about this year’s hardware startups here.  

Who is through to the final?

The six finalists in Danish Tech Challenge 2023 are Clair Scientific, EchoVice, Mixtery, NeoCare Nordic, Phanofi, and 2D.  

Below, you can read more about the six finalists:  

  • Clair Scientific has developed an automated microscope that delivers top-tier optical performance and speed thanks to focus-correcting technology.  
  • EchoVice has developed a device placed in the patient’s mouthpiece that prevents the displacement of ultrasound probes during percutaneous heart valve interventions and cardiological examinations.  
  • Mixtery has developed an insert compatible with standard drug bottles that can hold the correct amount of the appropriate diluent needed to reconstitute a given drug.  
  • NeoCare Nordic has developed a carry mattress for premature babies, enabling easy and safe lifting of vulnerable children in the neonatal intensive care unit, a physical product without electronic parts.  
  • Phanofi has developed a solution that addresses inefficiencies in current data centre interconnection technology, using only amplitude modulation (Intensity Mod-IM) of light, which is not scalable to handle high data traffic.  
  • 2D has developed a solution that offers graphene in a format that lowers the costs and difficulties of working with the material and provides a more uniform product.  
The winner of Danish Tech Challenge 2023 will be announced at an award show in January 2024.

About Danish Tech Challenge

Danish Tech Challenge was launched in 2014 as a growth program for hardware entrepreneurs working to bring new physical products to the market. The program is run by DTU Science Park and is supported by the Industry Foundation. Participants receive tailored 1:1 mentoring, workshops, events, mentors, a dedicated workspace in DTU Science Park, and the chance to win the Industry Foundation Entrepreneurship Award and DKK 500,000.  

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