26 April 2024

The first business disctrict in Denmark to achieve a DGNB precertification

The process has been far from simple. But now DTU Science Park in Hørsholm is DGNB precertified. It is a huge step closer to becoming Denmark’s first DGNB gold-certified business district.
Sustainable business area

All 160 companies located in DTU Science Park’s area in Hørsholm can now tell that they are part of a business district systematically addressing a range of sustainability parameters. The DGNB precertification for business districts has indeed just become a reality.

It’s a significant achievement for us to have completed the DGNB precertification. It means that we will now work on initiatives that promote sustainability at a new and higher level, and our customers will also notice.

Steen Donner
CEO, DTU Science Park

The fact that DTU Science Park is now precertified marks the first and most significant milestone in the process of achieving a final DGNB gold certification.

“The fundamental and challenging work has been completed, but we cannot rest on our laurels. We must live up to the plans and continue to ensure the structure of the work,” explains Lars Birch, Chief Real Estate Officer at DTU Science Park. He adds, “It’s not new for us to integrate sustainability measures into our area and operations in general, but because we are now DGNB pre certified, we can contribute even more significantly to our customers’ value chain.”

Ramboll has audited the project, which has been ongoing since 2021. The Council for Sustainable Building issued the certification.

“We have closely followed the project from the sidelines. The development of an urban area is a process that spans several years and involves countless considerations. Therefore, it is important to incorporate sustainability initiatives right from the start. DTU Science Park has been very ambitious, and we look forward to seeing the plan implemented,” says Annemarie Munk Riis, CEO of the Council for Sustainable Building.

Customers at DTU Science Park in Hørsholm can already utilize the pre certification approval, for instance, in connection with ESG reporting. “As we initiate change projects, customers will not only benefit from the new initiatives but also from the new knowledge and data we acquire,” says Lars Birch. DTU Science Park initiated the work with DGNB at the end of 2021 with the help of consultants from Rambøll.


A score of 68.3% exceeds the target

To achieve a DGNB precertification for business districts, a score above 65% is required. DTU Science Park exceeded the target by 3.3 percentage points, and part of these points is based on intentions for new initiatives. Therefore, in addition to maintaining the current momentum, DTU Science Park is committed to adding new initiatives and raising the level for others. For example, non-native planting will be converted to native species, and DTU Science Park will also focus on promoting less CO2-emitting forms of transport.

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What is DGNB?

DGNB is a voluntary certification scheme used to measure, collaborate on, and promote sustainability considerations throughout the built environment. From the interiors of buildings to entire urban areas, DGNB helps promote choices that create better conditions for the environment, people, and society. DGNB certification consists of a set of criteria that collectively measure a building, construction project, or urban area based on a range of social, environmental, and economic parameters.

A DGNB precertification means that the business district is systematically working to meet a set of sustainability parameters with the aim of achieving a final DGNB gold certification for business districts. By being part of the DGNB system, it ensures that the level of work practices and new initiatives is elevated over a given period. The DGNB system is administered and developed by the German Sustainable Building Council.

Learn more about DGNB-certification here

A DGNB precertification is based on various parameters

In the precertification, DTU Science Park scores highly on several parameters. Biodiversity is one of them, attributable to the diverse nature within the area, including butterfly-friendly planting, ponds, and a significant number of trees, some of which create forest-like environments in parts of the park.

However, it’s not solely about increasing biodiversity. For example, ensuring good social facilities is essential for a deep-tech community like DTU Science Park. Networking opportunities such as Friday bars and other social events help companies get to know each other and establish new relationships. DTU Science Park also scores well in terms of urban life and safety, partly attributed to attractive communal areas, walk-and-talk paths, outdoor meeting facilities, and paddle courts.

There are numerous other parameters in a plan certification, covering everything from cyclist and pedestrian infrastructure to culture, aesthetics, and disaster resilience.

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Do you have questions about our DGNB precertification or sustainability in general?

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