14 May 2024

Meet the 15 innovative startups in the fourth round of GreenUP Accelerator

With solutions within construction technology, textile recycling, and packaging solutions, GreenUP 2024 is ready to kick off the fourth round. The GreenUP Accelerator is operated by DTU Science Park and supported by the Industry Foundation.

Over 20 months, the 15 startups will undergo a journey beyond the ordinary. The goal is for them to transition from startups to scale-ups, a journey we have seen many of the previous participating startups undergo. 

Program Manager Thomas Hebo Sparring expresses his expectation and optimism about this year’s program: “This year, I expect that startups will succeed even more in bringing their green value proposition to the market, as there is continued pressure from consumers, customers, and various new legislations, making the green choice a must for more and more companies, which startups in GreenUP can ultimately benefit from through their CO2-saving solutions and products.” 

Startups create a potential for various synergies 

In GreenUP Accelerator 2024, 15 startups have been selected from nearly 90 applications. They all have in common that they work with solutions and technologies that can reduce CO2e emissions, enabling startups to mirror each other in terms of how best to use this as part of their value proposition to their customers, according to Thomas. 

This year’s cohort of startups, according to Thomas, shows extraordinary potential for creating synergies among themselves: “In this year’s cohort, I see extraordinary potential for creating synergies among startups when it comes to overlaps between the type of product they make, the type of customers they have, and the type of business models they work with. Additionally, since we now have three previous cohorts of startups that have participated in the program, we have even better opportunities this year to build relationships with alumni startups, who can pass on their experiences.”

This year’s field includes solutions in drone technology, production technology, circular energy, packaging solutions, the construction industry, and food. Read more about the 15 companies below. 

Here are the selected startups: 

Acodyne develops a high-speed freight drone system designed to automate high-speed air freight and achieve unparalleled cost and efficiency savings by replacing land-based transport and freight.

AIRY Automotive  
AIRY Automotive addresses production challenges for car manufacturers as a global megatrend with electric vehicles taking over the car market, and new requirements arise for automation and sustainability.

BetterChoice works to empower sustainable behaviour for businesses and consumers, making it easier to navigate sustainable shopping.

Circular Energy Systems  
Circular Energy Systems offers an efficient electric heat pump-driven energy module as an alternative to traditional gas, oil, or 1:1 electric heating solutions in the drying industry.

Cirqle’s mission is to stop packaging waste. They have developed a technology-based solution that handles their customers’ recycling process, including washing and logistics.

Eseba transforms textile waste into sustainable plastic alternatives through circular innovation. They have invented a groundbreaking new technology based on biotechnology that converts used textiles into a new sustainable material called Lixo.

EVEWAVE aims to address the global environmental issue of packaging waste, optimize international goods transportation, and improve human working conditions.

Insutex develops sustainable insulation material for buildings by recycling textile waste, thereby solving two critical societal and environmental challenges for the textile and construction industries.

KAKTI creates an AI-driven optimization tool for factory managers. KAKTI predicts optimal production methods and schedules, ensuring cost-effective heating and cooling amid a dynamic electrified mix.

LeakHunter makes it easy to build tight. LeakHunter measures the building’s tightness level and can detect leaks in buildings.

Maripure leverages natural macroalgae to produce an ingredient for cattle feed that can eliminate up to 80+% of enteric methane. This will radically reduce the carbon footprint of cattle.

Meat Tomorrow  
Meat Tomorrow develops stem cell technologies, enabling the transition to sustainable meat production.

Nuterials develops an innovative, proprietary process for transforming walnut shells into durable and attractive packaging solutions. This process involves shaping the walnut shells into various packaging formats while preserving their natural aesthetic appeal.

SenArch specializes in solar-powered and off-grid IoT network gateways, enabling data collection from remote locations and thus achieving better monitoring of critical infrastructure, for example.

Simply No Waste  
Simply No Waste works on solutions that can transfer surplus ingredients from the food industry into next-generation high-value ingredients. 

You can find more information about the startups participating in GreenUP Accelerator here.

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About GreenUP Accelerator

GreenUP Accelerator is a growth and development program for Danish startup companies working with CO2-reducing technologies and solutions. The program aims to shorten and accelerate companies’ growth journey and contribute to more Danish climate entrepreneurs entering the global market.