02 February 2021

DTU Science Park company honored with a Business Award

The business awards were given to the three companies on Monday 25 January, however in a slightly different way than usual. Because this year the award took place as an online event due to COVID-19. Furthermore, the event was hosted by the municipal council of Rudersdal and Mayor Jens Ive (V). And here the focus was on the sustainable, the social, and the socially conscious bottom line. The two other companies that got an award for their great work, was Poul Sejr Nielsen A/S and Siccadania A/S.

True Energy

As mentioned, one of the three awards were given to the company True Energy A/S, which is located in DTU Science Pak. The company won the Business Award 2020 for its innovative contribution to the green transition.

The company’s contribution is all about making it easier for consumers to use electricity when it is the cheapest and most climate-friendly. Electricity prices vary from hour to hour, and that is why True Energy has developed an app that automatically controls this for the consumer. For example, the app can be used to start the washing machine, dishwasher, charger for the car, etc. When the price is lowest and/or when Co2 emissions from the electricity produced are at a minimum. True Energy’s mission is to create progress for the spread of green energy, and they manage to do this with their innovative app. True Energy was established in 2018 and today the company employs eight people, in furthermore they have 12 developers in India and Poland.

DTU Science Park wishes all three companies a big congratulations on the awards.

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