08 November 2023

DTU Science Park is building tomorrow’s labs: Your space for innovation

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We are proud to announce our massive investment in state-of-the-art laboratories. In the coming years, we will offer up to 12,000 newly constructed square meters of labs.

The life science industry is experiencing remarkable growth, with a 135 % expansion over the past decade. Life science accounts for 22 % of Denmark’s total exports of goods, and we experience a 61 % increase in foreign funding in this industry. Many companies from Denmark’s Technical University are emerging, propelled by innovation like never before. This creates a rising need for advanced laboratories and offices.

We see growth in life science and deep tech on the rise, and we are experiencing a high demand for laboratories. In the coming years, we will offer up to 12,000 newly refurbished and newly built square meters of laboratories to our tenants.

Steen Donner
CEO for DTU Science Park

The labs are designed with development and progress in mind

The new lab facilities are designed with our companies’ development and progress in mind, focusing on three key areas:

  1. High-tech tailored excellence
    Our labs can be fitted with modern top-of-the-line equipment and customized to match the unique needs of your research.
  2. Access to the best minds
    Attract, connect, and collaborate with the brightest experts, fuelling your innovative journey.
  3. A sustainable vision
    Committed to sustainability, aiming to become Denmark’s first business area to earn DGNB gold certification, encompassing more than 400 sustainability factors.

In Spring 2024, we will break ground on this exciting project:

Spring 2024 marks a significant milestone in our journey. It is the moment when we embark on our ambitious venture to create high-tech, DGNB-certified laboratories in Hørsholm. They will be designed with the capability to be tailored and customized to the unique needs of specific research areas. We can hardly wait to get started.

Lars Birch
Chief Real Estate Officer, DTU Science Park

50 % of the labs are already claimed

Even before we break ground on this exciting project, we are experiencing high interest regarding our new high-tech laboratories and facilities. Today, we are excited to announce that a remarkable 50 % of our laboratories are already reserved. This surge in reservations underscores the demand for new laboratory spaces in Denmark. We are actively conversing with several prospective tenants looking for a space created for deep-tech innovation.

The demand for our state-of-the-art labs has been overwhelming. An impressive 50 % of these spaces are already reserved. To me, this emphasizes the thriving innovation landscape in deep tech. We are thrilled to be the chosen home for pioneering research and innovation

Signe Blad Johnsen
Chief Commercial Officer, DTU Science Park

The laboratories will be ready in 2026 and are an important investment for DTU Science Park to pursue the mission of being the leading community for deep tech innovation.

Are you curious to learn more about the possibilities with labs in DTU Science Park?

Sine Gammelgaard-Schmidt and Søren Husby are ready to help you out.

Sine Gammelgaard-Schmidt
Managing Head of Lettings
Søren Husby
Head of Lettings (Hørsholm)

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