12 June 2024

New initiative to stimulate investments in the life science industry

There can be several mental barriers for investors when investing in health technology. The industry can be challenging to understand, and investments require great patience. At the same time, few other verticals are as profitable to invest in as this one. Therefore, DTU Science Park has teamed up with DTU Entrepreneurship and Nextwork A/S to launch a new nationwide investor network with support from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. In the network, investors receive a safety net that prepares them to invest in startups within biotech, medtech, and digital health. More than 60 investors have already signed up.

DTU Science Park, together with DTU Entrepreneurship and Nextwork A/S, has established the investor network to stimulate investments in the life science industry so that Denmark can remain competitive and innovative in the global market.

Startups in these industries need to raise capital early, as they face a long and costly journey to market. The investor network brings together business angels, mini-venture funds, and family offices from across Denmark.

Many barriers for new investors in the life science

Investors can feel uncomfortable about investing in an industry they have not become familiar with. Additionally, investors must be patient and carefully consider whether the investment will be fruitful, which can be challenging with life science startups that face a long and arduous path to market. The challenges indicate the need for an investor network where generalists and specialists can share knowledge about investment opportunities, business development, and exit strategies so that more can feel secure in investing in startups.

Investor network operates nationwide

Five meetings will be held in various locations across Denmark to kickstart the new investor network. Industry experts and experienced investors will give presentations on why one should invest in medtech, biotech, and digital health. Additionally, the network will have access to invest in carefully selected startups right from the first meeting, where they will pitch their ideas.

Curious about the new investor initiative?

Contact Community Manager, Christina Rich.