13 March 2018

Scion DTU changes its name to DTU Science Park

It is an ambitious DTU Science Park that today launches a new name and website and an even greater focus on the unique community which the companies tab into every day.

“Our new name explains who we are and what we do. That makes any additional explanation unnecessary. The name reflects our connection to DTU, illustrates that we are an innovation community and the sum of more than 260 high tech companies”, says Steen Donner, CEO of DTU Science Park.

Denmark’s leading science park

For DTU Science Park the community is crucial. It plays a pivotal role in creating growth and development for the companies. Moreover, all future visions are based on one overall ambition:

“We want to position DTU Science Park as Denmark’s leading innovation community for deep tech companies developing new technologies. We focus our resources and knowledge to create an even greater environment. This enables the companies to reach their goals easier, faster and more cost-effective.”

We understand Deep Tech companies

Deep tech companies are characterised by the fact that they work with advanced industrial technologies with a strong research base. They have a lengthy and costly time-to-market and require significant amounts of funding compared to other technologies.

“We understand deep tech companies and the challenges typically faced. Therefore, we are proud of our community which supports the companies and creates the necessary connections. With our new name, this focus will be even more prominent”, says Steen Donner.


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