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GreenUP accelerator start-up, Tempty Foods, enters partnership with market-leading food company Marlow Foods

Tempty Foods, a former GreenUP Accelerator participant, is not only the first company in the world to use Marlow Ingredient’s mycoprotein, but also the first Danish company to launch mycoprotein-based products on the market.

With the announcement of the pioneering partnership between UK-based Marlow Ingredients (the newly formed division of Marlow Foods), owner of the market-leading Quorn® brand and the innovative food startup, Tempty Foods – a company started at the Danish Technical University, Tempty Foods is not only the first company in the world to use Marlow Ingredient’s mycoprotein, but also the first Danish company to launch mycoprotein-based products on the market.

Martina Lokajova, CEO and Co-founder of Tempty Foods, states:

“The introduction of Marlow mycoprotein into our products will give us a sustainable and competitive edge. It will also empower us to continue creating next-generation alternatives that focus on the key values of taste and nutrition rather than imitating meat.”

The partnership sees Tempty Foods, the first Danish company to launch mycoprotein-based products, become the first producer other than Marlow Foods to use Marlow mycoprotein, the super protein already used in more than 100 Quorn branded meat alternatives.

Mycoprotein is a super sustainable and nutritious protein source from fungi that is considered the protein of the future. It uses 90% less land and water and produces 98% less carbon emissions than equivalent beef products.

They have developed incredibly during the accelerator

Tempty Foods is part of GreenUP Accelerator. GreenUP Accelerator is DTU Science Park’s green flagship within accelerator programs. Specifically, it targets climate tech startups working with CO2-reducing technologies through a Startup Phase and the specially tailored Scale-up Phase. As someone who has followed the food startup since they began in GreenUP Accelerator, Gert W. Josephsen, Business Development Manager in DTU Science Park, states about their developement:

Tempty Foods have had an enormous development since they began in the GreenUP accelerator 13 months ago. They know now what it takes to become an elite startup. In order to gain success, you must master disciplines like supply chain, product management, branding, funding, and sales, sales, sales. They have learned that the change from being students to being entrepreneurs in their own company is two completely different environments and disciplines to navigate in. A partnership like the one they have just announced is clear proof of how much they have developed and learned.

The partnership ensures growth and expansion for Tempty Foods

The collaboration between Marlow Ingredients and Tempty Foods follows an announcement in April this year that Marlow Mycoprotein was being made available to other food and beverage manufacturers via the newly launched division. The move forms part of Marlow Food’s mission to become a net positive business by 2030 and, in that year, provide 8 billion servings of mycoprotein – one for every person on the planet.

About the partnership, Tom Lindley, Head of Strategy and Marketing at Marlow Ingredients, states:

“We have signalled our intention to empower other, like-minded producers to join us in using Marlow mycoprotein as we strive to make it easier for people across the globe to eat more sustainably and to play their part in tackling climate change,”

The Tempty Foods brand is already launched in Denmark’s food service sector, enabling chefs to create delicious, sustainable meals. The collaboration with Marlow Ingredients will help Tempty Foods accelerate growth and expand into new channels and markets.

Lindley continues:

“We’re delighted that Tempty Foods is the first of what we believe will be many food and beverage manufacturers to recognise the huge potential of our mycoprotein and its many sustainable and nutritional benefits.”

Facts about the future food: Mycoprotein

Marlow mycoprotein is naturally high in protein. It provides all nine essential amino acids, is low in saturated fat and contains several vitamins and minerals. It is also high in fibre, uses 90% less land and water and produces 98% less carbon emissions than equivalent beef products*. 

*Quorn’s Footprint Comparison Report (The Carbon Trust, 2022) is now available at  https://www.quorn.co.uk/assets/files/content/Carbon-Trust-Comparison-Report-2022.pdf


Tempty Foods: Contact via [email protected] for sales inquiries or find out more about this food innovation company at www.tempty-foods.com.

GreenUP Accelerator: GreenUP Accelerator is a 20-month program where climate-tech startups go through a Startup Phase and a tailored Scale-up Phase. The number one goal is to make the companies’ growth journey shorter and faster and contribute to more climate entrepreneurs entering the global market. Read more at about GreenUP Accelerator

Marlow Ingredients: Find out more about the benefits of Marlow Ingredients’ mycoprotein here www.marlowingredients.com

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