How GreenUP Accelerator became a game changer for the startup

Explore the transformative potential of GreenUP Accelerator, a beacon of innovation within Denmark’s deep tech community at DTU Science Park. Our mission is to propel startups swiftly and cost-effectively to market success with groundbreaking products.

In collaboration with The Danish Industry Foundation and The Footprint Firm, we introduced the GreenUP Accelerator in 2021—a 20-month program dedicated to climate tech startups revolutionizing CO2-reducing technologies and innovations.

Why choose GreenUP Accelerator?

  • Tailored growth phases: Our unique program offers a Startup Phase and a customized Scale-up Phase, ensuring a faster and shorter path to success for participating companies.

  • Global impact: We aim not just to accelerate growth but to contribute to the emergence of more climate entrepreneurs in the global market.

  • Elite selection: From a pool of over 100 applications, we meticulously choose the top 15 most promising startups to join the program.

Succes story: Meet RE-ZIP

Meet RE-ZIP, a trailblazing startup in circular packing concepts. Their reusable packaging model for e-commerce not only promotes sustainability but also offers webshops a compelling alternative to disposable packaging. Through the program, RE-ZIP has secured international partnerships, quadrupled their team, and successfully initiated their series A funding round.

Watch Thomas Fugl, CCO, and co-founder of RE-ZIP share their inspiring journey in GreenUP Accelerator.

Are you ready to accelerate your impact? GreenUP Accelerator is actively scouting for visionary participants to be part of our next cohort. Don’t miss the chance to propel your startup to new heights—apply now and let’s shape the future of climate technology together. 

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