11 October 2021

15 climate tech startups have entered the GreenUP Accelerator

The GreenUP Accelerator started on 1 May and is in full swing. The Onboarding Week just ended. During the Onboarding Week, the 15 startups had some inspiring and busy days, with many 1:1 meetings, workshops, and great talks. They all worked hard on their value proposition, refined their business models and almost everything in between.

Program Manager, Christian Marcus, is over the moon when asked about how the first couple of days in the Onboarding Week was: “The first couple of days of the onboarding week has been an amazing experience. The startups have been really engaged. Everything we throw at them they give us back and we can see how they develop from day to day, and it feels like everyone is having a lot of fun,” he says.

Great feedback from the participants
And it wasn’t just the Program Manager who was excited: “We have chosen to become a part of the GreenUP Accelerator because this program is focused around the specific issues of the individual startup,” says Carl Fischer, CEO of sHYp.

Exactly that is what differentiates this program from many others, and in addition to this, the GreenUP Accelerator also focuses on both the startup and the scale-up phase, but also the often-over-looked gear-up phase. ”We are so happy to be a part of the GreenUP Accelerator, because we believe that being a part of this accelerator can help us even further in our gear-up and our scale-up phase,” says Rasmus Elsbjorg-Jensen, CEO and co-founder of Re-Flow.

Only the beginning of the journey
Now what? As the onboarding week has ended, the participating startups can look forward to the initial part of the program, the startup phase. This phase includes many 1:1s and also a lot of in-depth workshops, including themes as: climate impact, sustainability accounting and reporting, organization and team, and many more. After the startup phase comes the gear-up phase and then the scale-up phase. “From now on we will be ready to help them on their journey towards proper scalable businesses that can make a difference in the world today,” Christian Marcus explains.

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