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Kickstart your success with MedTech Growth

MedTech Growth is DTU Science Park’s new development program tailored for medtech startups working with a physical product. Our goal is simple: To assist medtech startups in building a solid foundation so they can effectively enter the market.

With MedTech Growth, you undergo an intensive and ambitious 12-month journey, gaining access to leading experts, modern facilities, and attractive funding opportunities.

In the program, you collaborate with experts to craft a 360-degree analysis of your company and an action plan. This plan will be the cornerstone for your ongoing advancements as we zero in on your company’s critical challenges through structured sprints. Regulatory affairs and financing are key areas of concentration shared by all startups in the program.

Through MedTech Growth, you will join a strong community of fellow medtech startups, where networking and knowledge take center stage. Additionally, you will integrate into DTU Science Park’s distinctive ecosystem, comprising over 300 deep tech companies of various scales.

The program is conducted in partnership with the Industrial Foundation, making participation free of charge. As DTU Science Park’s growth initiatives operate on a non-profit basis, we do not seek equity from your company.

Facts about participants in our programs

DKK 0 mio.

They secure funding – the participating MedTech startups in Danish Tech Challenge have raised 10,158,813 DKK in 5 months.


Mentors – 33 mentors within medtech in the field of medtech in DTU Science Park’s mentor program, DeepTech Mentoring.


Specific challenges – We are familiar with the particular difficulties medtech startups face. Over the last 10 years, through our growth programs, we have helped 64 startups working with solutions within medtech.


Community – At DTU Science Park, you gain an indispensable network. Within DTU Science Park, there are more than 38 medtech companies residing.

What you get as a participant in MedTech Growth:

  • A 360-degree analysis of your company, coupled with an action plan co-created with experts.
  • 1:1 coaching sessions with top-tier experts tailored to address aspects such as your regulatory strategy or documentation aligned with the specific stage of your company.
  • Refined expertise to craft a financing strategy and gain investor exposure.
  • A team of highly qualified mentors with relevant medtech experience from our MIT-based mentorship program.
  • A unique community of fellow medtech startups where networking and knowledge take center stage.
  • Free office space for you and your team. You will also have access to workshop facilities.

Former medtech startups in our growth programs


From startup to worldwide success

In just a few years, MedTrace has gone from winning the Danish Tech Challenge to now being one of the most promising future stock market candidates in Denmark. We met with Martin Stenfeldt, CEO and...

How does the program work?

20 medtech startups from all applicants are selected to commence the program and engage in the boot camp.

Upon completion of the boot camp, a maximum of 14 startups are selected to advance to the next phase of the program, which consists of three sprints. Each of the three sprints lasts 2.5 months and covers various aspects, including regulatory strategy, financing, and go-to-market strategy, at both the individual and collective levels.

The program extends over 12 months, during which physical facilities at DTU Science Park, including desk space, meeting rooms, and workshops, are at participants’ disposal.

Startups that do not advance beyond the boot camp are provided with quarterly coaching sessions and the opportunity to reapply for the program.

Key dates in the program

April 15 2024

Early bird deadline

Apply before April 15 to receive a range of benefits.

May 21 2024

Final deadline for application

May 29 2024

Selection of 20 medtech startups

All applicants will be informed whether they are included in the program or not.

June 17 2024

Boot camp

The startups go through a boot camp, which includes two weeks of intensive training, followed by a six-week break, and concluding with another two weeks of boot camp.

September 2024

First sprint begins

From the boot camp, up to 14 startups are selected to continue into sprints.

January, 2025

Second sprint begins

April 2025

Third sprint begins

June 2025

Big celebration

A 12-month tailored program, intensively preparing your company for success

Initial boot camp: 1 month

For a medtech startup, getting off to a strong start is essential. Through business coaching sessions interspersed with independent work, all startups develop a deep understanding of their company. This process results in an action plan highlighting the key focus areas for advancement beyond the program.

Physical attendance is required 2-3 times a week during the boot camp.

SPRINT PROGRAM: 11 MONTHS divided into 3 sprints.

Up to 14 companies are selected to advance to the sprint program, consisting of three sprints, each lasting 2.5 months. Each sprint is tailored to the individual company and addresses their specific challenges and objectives.

Physical attendance is required during sprints 1-2 times per month.

Frequently asked questions

Below, we answer some of the questions we most frequently receive about MedTech Growth. You're welcome to contact us if you don't find the answer you're looking for.

We assist startups in developing a physical product that is in the approval phase as medical equipment under i.e. MDR, IVDR and 510k. All classifications are welcome. The product may involve combined hardware and software. However, startups with products in categories such as Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) and digital health (e.g., health apps) are not considered medtech startups by us. 

A prototype can be anything from a mockup or simple 3D print to a finished product. If your product already has medical approval, MedTech Growth is not relevant to your startup. 

MedTech Growth is a program for startups in Denmark and southern Sweden. We are working on establishing local communities, such as gathering startups in Aarhus so that you can network locally, among other benefits. 

The program is free of cost. As a non-profit organization supported by the Industrial Foundation, you neither pay nor give up ownership for participating in the program. We also offer free workspace throughout the program (12 months). 

We help you establish a financing strategy, a pitch, and a pitch deck. Additionally, you will receive guidance on approaching investors and assistance in understanding your funding and investment options. When you need investment, we expose your startup to investors through matchmaking programs and pitch events in collaboration with our partners (e.g., Keystones and Jyske Bank). 

In MedTech Growth, we help you create a milestone plan to ensure you can obtain medical approval, enabling later product commercialization. In other words, you should see our program as a step toward market entry. 

You will receive over 18 hours of individual coaching on your product and regulatory strategy and a series of workshops focusing on topics such as intended use, QMS, and market access. 

If you already have a pitch deck, it takes up to 5 minutes to apply. These are the details needed in the application form.

Once you have submitted your application, the MedTech Growth team will contact you to initiate a meeting to get to know you and your company better.

Improve your chances of funding

MedTech Growth improves your chances of securing funding. Through individual counseling, pitch training, and access to investors, the program ensures that you are well-prepared when seeking funds to further develop your business.

You’ll receive comprehensive guidance covering all aspects, from investor identification and outreach to navigating the due diligence process and cultivating relationships. This support is aimed at maximizing the chances of reinvestment.

What you get:

  • Coaching from our Investment Manager
  • Pitch training
  • 1:1 counseling with relevant subject matter experts
  • Assistance with creating a pitch deck
  • Matchmaking with potential investors
  • Valuable advice for your investment round, before, during, and after.

Meet our growth team

When you participate in one of our programs, you receive mentoring from the growth team’s subject matter experts you need.

Our growth team consists of highly qualified experts who guide you throughout the process. Here, you can get advice on everything from business development to recruitment as part of the program.

Collaborate with our corporate partners

At DTU Science Park, several corporate partners collaborate with startups through acquisitions, investments, or access to unique knowledge.

We act as the bridge between you and them and can assist in finding the right match for your company.

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Corporate partners

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