Get assistance in securing funding from investors


Participants in our programs typically raise an average of DKK X million.

Here's how we assist startups and scale-ups with capital raising

We assist startups and scale-ups in our programs in raising capital through our investment specialists and network - and we match your company with the right investors.


Pitch Deck optimization

Our experts assist you in crafting your pitch deck, making it appealing to investors, and including the correct slides. Together, you refine it until it's sharp and compelling.

Pitch training

A solid and persuasive pitch is crucial for whether investors will invest in your company. You receive assistance in practicing your pitch with our team. We ensure that the pitch is as bulletproof as possible.


Investor network

We have access to a wide range of reputable investors who know that the companies we recommend to them are a good business case. We connect you with those who are the best fit for your company to increase your chances of securing an investment.


Negotiating with investors

Investors have often negotiated, but it might be your first time. You receive assistance from our team on dealing with an investor, and you can rely on us if they ask questions you need clarification on.

Due diligence

Throughout the entire due diligence period, we assist you and your company in keeping things in order and ensuring you have insight into the right metrics. Hence, potential investors remain interested, and the chance of investment increases.

Valuering af virksomhed


The valuation of your company depends on many parameters, including IP, patents, the team, revenue, and the product. We assist you in setting your valuation to ensure you get the best possible investment.

Get valuable advice from our Investment Manager

You can receive assistance from our Investment Manager if you are part of our growth programs. He has many years of experience as an investor and knows what it’s like to be on the other side of the table.

Therefore, he helps you attract investors, create a strong pitch deck, and find the best match for you and your company.

Utilizing our Investment Manager saves unnecessary time on investors who are not interested or the right fit. As a result, you can quickly and easily connect with the right investors and increase the chance of securing an investment that can grow your company.

Increase your chances of financing when you participate in our growth programs.

We have the country’s most ambitious growth programs for deep tech companies.

Participating in a growth program increases your chances of securing financing. Through intensive and developmental programs, we help you position your company more favorably with investors. Participants in our programs have raised hundreds of millions of kroner in funding.

The programs are tailored to you and your type of company. For example, go from startup to scale-up in 20 months with our GreenUP program or win 500,000 in our Danish Tech Challenge program.