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- and gain access to +50 deal flows per year.

Invest in promising deep tech startups with innovative solutions

As a partner in the investor network at DTU Science Park, you gain access to more than 50 carefully selected Danish and European deep tech startups per year, which allows you to invest in attractive deal flows with innovative and groundbreaking solutions.

DTU Science Park provides the framework for the country’s most innovative deep tech startups. As an investor, you can access promising cases that have been carefully selected for you based on our criteria for potential.

You’ll be at the front of the line when we seek investors for our startups, and you’ll gain a unique insight into today’s trends in deep tech.

We match you with the best investment cases as the perfect bridge between you and the startup companies, which saves you time and shortens your path to an attractive investment.

You will have direct contact with the founder/CEO of the company, allowing you to follow the company closely.

Invest in startups at DTU Science Park and position yourself as an ambitious and curious investor interested in tomorrow’s solutions.

Invester i startups

Over the years, we have found that many of the most exciting startups in Denmark are shaped at DTU. There is a strong expertise and entrepreneurial culture, so we prioritize staying close to DTU Science Park and its associated growth programs.

Caspar Høgh
Partner og Co-founder, NOON Ventures

Here's what you get as an investor in our network

Access to +50 Danish and international deal flows per year

One-pagers on each startup

Exposure within our ecosystem

One Point of Contact

Invitation to demo days

Invitations to pitch sessions with startups


Startups in our programs have collectively raised over DKK 2 billion through the program, including through our investor network.

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Our investor network consists of more than 100 VC firms, pre-seed VCs, business angels, private investors, and investment syndicates.

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Investment manager

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