Jury criteria

Principles for the selection of jury members

It is crucial that the juries are composed in the most appropriate and impartial manner. Therefore, we work with a set of criteria for selecting participants in our juries. The guidelines are intended to ensure that the most competent members are always included in the jury and that they are completely impartial about the companies they are evaluating.

  • All juries are composed with competence and diversity in mind.
  • No one can sit on the same jury more than three times.
  • No jury member can have an interest in the companies to be assessed, whether as a mentor, advisor, board member, investor, or any other type of close personal relationship.
  • Jury members cannot invest in the companies to be assessed for a period of six months after the assessment.
  • Jury members may not take pictures or otherwise disclose anything about the companies or their participation in DTC.

The selection of jury members follows the following process:

  1. A database of potential jury members is built based on competencies and diversity.
  2. For a specific jury, a shortlist of relevant candidates is selected for that particular jury.
  3. The eligibility of candidates on the shortlist is checked.
  4. The final list of candidates is generated.
  5. Selection and contracting with each jury member.


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External juries

In Danish Tech Challenge, we use external juries to select the companies that will participate in the program and determine the competition’s winners, including the Industriens Fond Entrepreneurship Award.