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These visionary companies are at the forefront of the fight for a sustainable future. They are dedicated to developing green solutions and technologies with the potential to reduce CO2 emissions significantly. Currently, they are also part of the GreenUP Accelerator.


Bygaard is Denmark's largest specialty mushroom producer, revolutionizing agriculture through sustainable and profitable urban farming practices.

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Grounded is transforming coffee waste into sustainable cups. Their patent pending home compostable coffee cups made with 50% recycled coffee grounds is the future of cups.

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NordInvent rethinks and optimizes the value chains in modern food production and develops processes to minimize waste, recycle raw materials and maintain quality in the food chain.

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Oceanswell Energy

Revolutionizing dispatchability of renewable energy by harnessing the power of ocean waves with repurposed vessels for low-cost, sustainable power production.

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Paint’R has developed a more sustainable paint container made from recyclable materials like cardboard, resulting in an 50% reduction in CO2 emissions per container and a 75% decrease in plastic usage.

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Revalu Impact

Revalu enables the built environment to reach its climate targets, through data and tools. Their mission is to break down climate complexity by making data-driven choices more accessible across the industry.

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ROICO solutions

ROICO empowers painters with the press of a button. They have developed an easy-to-use painting tool that helps painting companies meet their market’s demands. From walls to ceilings, ROICO’S solution is designed to make painters work easier and more efficient.

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The 0-mission

A b2b marketplace for renewable energy.

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Økoskabet is a logistics solution for food that can be compared to a 24-hour box for parcels. Økoskabet is simply cooled down and maintains an even temperature of around 8 degrees.

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PerPlant offers a low-cost and easy to use camera-based AI sensor that empower farmers with automated decision-support on fertilizer and pesticides usage.

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Phlit is a DTU-based start-up whose mission is to disrupt the clean tech industry by unlocking the flexibility of electrical drives - the largest global consumers of electricity.

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Plheese is on a mission to realize the potential of plant based dairy. They are committed to developing products that are not only delicious and clean label, but also have a similar nutritional profile to well-known dairy products and come at a competitive price.

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Skonelabs wants to reduce food loss for the food industry using IoT and AI. They offer smart sensor devices and dynamic AI engine to predict the quality change and estimate the spoilage in advance.

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