Startup phase

Now the journey begins for real! 15 startups are selected to join the acceleration program. During the startup phase you will get intensive training through workshops and 1: 1 sessions in Futurebox. When you have finished the Startup Phase you must have product-market fit in order to move onto the next phase. The Scale UP phase


Scale up phase

A new phase starts! Now the focus is on getting your startup structured towards scaling.  Said in another way, your startup is ready to be profesionalized. You will get intensive training in Futurebox through workshops and 1:1 sessions in order to get all your processes and structures in place and to hopefully be ready for your next big investment.


Achieve product-market fit

A great startup is able to test, pivot, make fast decision, problem solve fast, change direction quickly. Focus is on the product, on acting fast to new input.

The purpose of the startup phase is to get your startup to the point that all startups are looking for: Product Market fit. You have sold successfully to your first customers, and they want to purchase again! 


Lean canvas

Product market fit

Beach head customers

Customers & market

Getting investment

Pitch training

Supply chain

Business models & financials 

Mentor meetings

Product development

Sales training

Team & organization

Build the foundation for a scalable business

You have your processes in place, and customers are buying. Now, you need to scale! What does that mean? It’s all about selling more to existing customers, getting into new markets and finding customers that look like the ones you have already. Sell, sell, sell!

The Scale-up phase is divided into three sprints, and every sprint suits your startup’s needs. Every sprint includes 3-5 disciplines and spans over three months. You must pass every discipline in the sprint in order to move forward in the program. Every six weeks, there will be a workshop for all the startups in the Scaleup Phase.

Here are the areas of expertise to master in the Scale-up phase:


Strategy/ Corporate agenda

Leadership & purpose

Hiring talent

Systems & processes

Financial Reporting

Sustainability reporting & sustainability Business Model

Scaling supply chain

Product strategy

Funding strategy

Go to market & Sales strategy

Marketing & communication strategy

Preparing to scale internationally

See the structure of the program


The program has given us so much more than we expected. We have developed competence within all areas related to the startup and enjoy to be a part of a community a highly skilled Green-up accelerator team and dedicated specialists on every discipline.

Consibio, participant in GreenUP Accelerator

How we work with acceleration

We work with acceleration in three ways:

Workshops with specialists on topics relevant for your journey – to inspire you and give you the necessary tools to succeed. 

1:1 sessions with specialists and experienced mentors matched exactly to your start up where you convert what you learned into action. 

Review sessions where we focus on the results that you make – or what you need in order to achieve results. 

We follow your climate tech startup from the startup phase through the, often over-looked, gear up phase and into the scale up phase.


Meet some of the startups in the GreenUP Accelerator

Get to know the startups in GreenUP Accelerartor 2021, how has the 20 months been? You can also meet some of startups in GreenUP Accelerator 2022, who are in the middle of the accelerator. This is the place if you want to get to know the GreenUP Accelerator startups.

Get to know the startups here

Futurebox start-ups in Lyngby

Application criteria

A working prototype 

A team of minimum 2 persons working full time 

A VAT or Danish CVR number 

Preferably, a patentable technology 

A large CO2e reduction potential 


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See how we work with sustainability business models and sustainability reporting in the GreenUP Accelerator.

Sustainability consulting



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